Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I know I always talk about how much I hate school.. I think it's bc I don't (or didn't rather) know what I want (wanted) to do for the rest of my life. All through high school I knew what I wanted, but then I graduated and then I had no idea. Awesome. So I've been going back and forth since then. Since I was going to SMC though, it didn't really matter considering the fact that I was mainly taking gen eds and working towards my associates in science. NOW though, I need to know what I want to do bc I'm at the point where I should be taking those specific classes for my bachelor's.

So, my original plan was to come here (Western) for aviation maintenance. Although, what I really wanted to do was flight science but EVERYONE always told me there was a height requirement. So, maintenance it is. Besides the fact that it sounds super boring and not at all what I wanted to do. There I was just hating school, not wanting to do what I was doing. I was all sorts of confused. Just a few days ago I talked to a girl I know (Becky, she's pretty cool if you ask me) and she said that height requirements are more for military flying. Earlier this fall (to make a long story short) I was emailing the dean of aviation about the whole height requirement thing and he suggested trying out an CRJ simulator to check my sitting height. So, after I talked to Becky I got to thinking that maybe I would take him up on that offer.

So today I went to Battle Creek to sit in some planes and check out the CRJ simulator.. Turns out that I'm tall enough! Even in the planes where the rutters don't adjust. How exciting?! So I'm switching my major from aviation maintenance to flight science. I'm scheduled for spring classes and all that good stuff.

Hopefully now that I have a purpose I'll like school a bit more. And hopefully I'll be getting some better teachers! (I did mean what I said about the worthless teachers here at Western.. they suck) But anyway, I am soo excited!! You have no idea how fun it was to even just get in the planes and sit! Oh and the flight simulators are unbelievable! I wish you all could have been there with me to see it. But anyway, that's my update..

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  1. Its great to finally have some absolution about what you want from life huh? I'm proud of you bgf :)